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SOME OF THE KEY HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE HEADSTART STARTUP ECOSYSTEM Being curious, being humble and showing an effort to develop a belongingness to the organisation's shared ambitions are the greatest strengths an organisation can have.  #headstart   Startups especially that are bootstrapped and are early in their lifecycle, need to observe and solve for focus of employees digressing from shared values to salary increments. The echo is omni-present and needs a clear strategy of how to move back the focus to 'shared values'.  #sharedvalues   #culture   In an ideal world, one's team needs support, positive nudges, trust and an environment to grow their aspirations. Furthermore, founder's job is to select the right team and, to a very high extent, nurture and develop capabilities in the team and create freedoms that are appreciated. And the employees' duty is to deliver for delight and face a challenge with logic, empathy and grit.  #rightteam   #nurture   #freedom   #

Harness the Power of Community to Grow Your Business

Starting a business is never easy, but having the right community can make all the difference. From finding advice to discovering new opportunities, a strong network can be your most valuable asset. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to tap into the power of community to help you grow your business. The Benefits of Community Marketing Community marketing can help businesses to reach a larger, more targeted audience, since it focuses on building relationships and fostering loyalty within a specific group of people. By joining local startup communities, businesses can create meaningful connections that help build the brand and trust among potential customers. Engaging in community marketing activities, such as hosting events, attending meetups and sharing relevant content, can help businesses to cultivate relationships with the right people within their target market. This helps them to create a loyal customer base as well as spread positive word-of-mouth about their company amongst a

IDEASHACKS VENTURES now building 360 degrees support for Meaningful Innovators

IDEASHACKS VENTURES is an Ecosystem to give impetus to Meaningful Innovations.  A Start-up Ecosystem from the north of India that provides value chain support to Startups, MSMEs and SMEs solving meaningful challenges at scale. IDEASHACKS VENTURES which started, in it's earlier avatar, as coworking spaces has expanded its service offerings to provide 360 degrees support to new businesses. An ecosystem of meaningful innovators, IDEASHACKS VENTURES is supported by Mentors, Guides and Peers in helping innovative ideas to accelerate.  IDEASHACKS now offers 3 marquee services quintessentially for meaningful businesses: IDEASHACKS VENTURES: That helps startups to establish their business in India and provides strategic guidance IMPACT[X] MEDIA: It publishes stories about and for the ecosystem of meaningful innovators IDEASHACKS SPACES: Provides enterprise-ready workspaces for meaningful enterprises.